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On average 22 veterans commit suicide every day. That's 22 too many. 

At 92 for 22 we are working to eliminate that statistic. Your donation will help bring awareness and resources to those in need so that we can fight for those who fought for us.

Thank you for giving, small or large - any amount brings us one step closer. 
Support the 92 For 22 Vision
Your donation to 92 For 22 can help us with our vision of obtaining a property conducive to outdoor recreational and therapeutic activities.
Support a Michigan Veteran in Crisis
Your donation will help us raise awareness and provide essential assistance to veterans in crisis.
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Become a Monthly Donor

All donations at any level help support veterans in our communities. Monthly donors are the backbone of the organization because this means we can sustain a clear vision throughout the year which allows us to focus on the areas veterans need help the most. Your support matters and let us all continue to march for those still fighting after the war!

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