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On average 22 veterans commit suicide every day. That's 22 too many.  At 92 for 22 we are working to eliminate that statistic. 
Our goal is to stand behind and fight for those who fought for us. If we don't, who will? 

How 92 For 22 Began:

92 For 22 originated in Michigan, April 2017 when a group of veterans decided to walk the White Pine Trail which runs 92 miles from Comstock Park to Cadillac, Michigan. The goal was to raise awareness of veteran suicide and the effects of PTSD. A total of 11 veterans participated in the walk and raised $6,644. This money was donated to Help For Our Disabled Troops (HFODT) a 501c3 nonprofit organization that adapts homes for injured Veterans as well as helping with therapeutic accommodations. 


How 92 For 22 Grew:

During this first 92 mile walk is where the idea grew to create our own nonprofit to help veterans in need with home accommodation assistance to improve the quality of life for combat related injuries. In March of 2018, we did just that.  We then planned our Second Annual 92 Mile Walk for April of 2018.  We raised over $9,000 in our second walk! In July of 2018, we were able to help one veteran get a car and another with all household appliances and beds so he could get back on his feet.


The Goals and Vision of 92 For 22:

The goal of 92 For 22 is to grow our organization to reach more veterans and continue to raise awareness that the average number of veterans that commit suicide each day is 22. By bringing awareness to the community about the struggles that veterans have, we hope to keep this subject top of mind.  The Vision of 92 For 22 is to raise enough money to purchase property to build an environment that offers outdoor recreation and therapeutic experiences focused on helping veterans with post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and their families.

Veteran Assistance:

If you are a veteran seeking assistance, or would like to nominate someone for an accommodation, please fill out the form below.

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Ken Murillo - US Marine Corps


Ken was born and raised in Southern California where he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps shortly after high school in 1996. This is where he developed a passion to help others! After 22 years of serving in the Marine Corps Ken decided to transition out and become a real estate agent in West Michigan.  His passion for helping others especially veterans has allowed him to become a part of 92 For 22.

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David krajewski - US Army

Vice President


Dave grew up in southeast Michigan where he still lives today with his wife, Ashley. Dave has always had a passion to serve and help others and has dedicated his life to that service. He enlisted in the Army Reserve in 2014 and is still currently serving as a Military Police Officer. On the civilian side, Dave serves his community as a full time Police Officer in Metro Detroit. After seeing the impact war had on many of his friends, Dave wanted a way to give back within the veteran community. That opportunity came in 2016, when his long time friend and USMC veteran, Eric Graham, told him that he and another USMC veteran wanted to organize some kind of event to raise PTSD awareness; Dave didn’t hesitate to get involved. A few months of brainstorming and planning later, 92 for 22 was born. For Dave, 92 for 22 is not only another way for him to serve others, it’s an organization that allows veterans to get together, laugh, heal and help impact the lives of our brothers and sisters who are struggling. Don’t hesitate to say hi when see Dave and his wife, Ashley at many of 92 for 22 events. 

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Brad Stinson - US Marine Corps

Chief Executive Administrator

Brad enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2004 and stationed at Camp Pendleton, California. Brad made multiple deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2005, he deployed with the 13th M.E.U (Marine Expeditionary Unit) B.L.T. 2/1 (Battalion Landing Team 2/1) S.O.C. (Special Operations Capable). And again in 2007 to Al Taqaddum, Iraq. He left active duty in 2008.Currently, Brad serves as a VA Home Loan Specialist with The Veterans Home Front by Benchmark Mortgage. He lives in Grand Rapids, MI with his wife and two daughters (Ava &Claire). 

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Tiffany Horan - US Marine Corps

Events Coordinator

Tiffany was born and raised in Wyoming Michigan. She enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, immediately after 9/11. Shortly after boot camp her reserve unit, was activated and deployed to Iraq in 2003 and then again in 2004. After serving two tours in Iraq, Tiffany was honorably discharged from the Marines in May of 2010.

Tiffany had suffered from what she believed to be normalcy, as a Combat Veteran. Sleepless nights, reliving events that took transpired, while deployed. Smells, sounds and images reminded her of things she decided to not face head on but keep within herself. It took her a solid year just to seek counseling and medication for her anxiety, PTSD and depression she refused to admit she had. Tiffany went through a divorce, another relationship (with a Marine Combat Veteran who struggled with PTSD himself)

Tiffany completed her Nursing Education in 2016 and is a Registered Nurse at the Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center caring for open heart patients, LVAD patients and Heart and Lung Transplant patients. Tiffany is married to her husband Kevin and they have three children. Ashlyn, Madisen, Jackson and a dog Cooper. She is a part of 92 for 22 to let her fellow brothers and sisters know they are not alone. She is in full support to our Veteran community in any need and to raise awareness for PTSD and the statistics of the 22 a day that lose the fight to suicide.

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Derrick Cox - US Army



Mike Banno - US Marine Corps

Media & Web

About a year after high school, Mike enlisted in the US Marine Corps in May 2003.  Upon finishing recruit training and school of infantry in California, he attached to a reserve unit to pursue a career in photography.  Unfortunately due to a low back injury, he underwent a lumbar laminectomy procedure to fix a bulging L5-S1 disc punching the sciatic nerve just 3 years after enlistment.  Feeling broken and ashamed, Mike isolated from all things military, he spent years never even so much as telling anyone about his experience in the Marine Corps.  Having watched the unit deploy without him while on recovery he felt like he let everyone down and failed.  Years later Mike had come to terms with the past and no longer lets it control his outlook or the negativity.  Despite what happened, the Marine Corps still played a vital role in who he is and how he runs his business.  To this day he is still doing professional photo/video as Forward Exposure for a variety of clients and helps out taking pictures at events with 92 for 22 to help articulate their mission and continue spreading awareness.

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Eric Graham - US Marine Corps

After I came off active duty I was searching for that same feeling I had when I was in, so I joined a motorcycle club.  My life turned into a roller coaster of being out all night drinking and partying because that's what gave me that feeling I was searching for.  I looked in the mirror one day and told myself this was not it and that's when we decided to hike 92 miles and that's when 92 For 22 came alive.  We did it to help but also to help each other the only way we knew how; by being together.  The start of this gave me purpose again and saved my life.